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CO2 Value Europe has recently welcomed The Japan Gas Association (JGA), as a member of its dynamic and rapidly growing community active in developing Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technology across Europe.

JGA is an organisation of city gas utilities contributing to the economy and people’s welfare in Japan by promoting the sound development of the general gas utility business, as well as the major gas-related and gas pipeline projects.

In Japan, various efforts are underway to commercialise e-methane, including technology development, demonstration, feasibility studies, and fuel conversion on both the supply and demand sides, with support from the Japanese government. JGA is particularly interested in the e-methane production technology by CCU and the establishment of international rules for GHG accounting, which Europe is actively working on.

For more info on JGA  browse The Japan Gas Association’s website and check their commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 here.