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This month, Hello Tomorrow has launched in partnership with Repsol and Galp, two global leaders in the energy sector who are partnering to develop and scale CO2 utilisation and carbon removal technologies, an International Innovation Challenge on Achieving carbon-neutrality through CO2 removal and valorisation.

What are they looking for?

Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU) technologies

  • New catalytic routes for CO2 conversion into chemicals
  • CO2 mineralisation
  • Combining CO2 and H2 utilisation and production
  • Innovative products from CO2 (proteins, e-fuels etc.)

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) technologies

  • Improving Direct Air Capture
  • Blue carbon technologies (ocean capture)
  • Biomass utilisation and soil sequestration (BECCS, Biochar, etc.)

Why should any startup or researchers apply?

Repsol and Galp are looking for innovative solutions to help them develop the CO2-based economy:

  • 50,000€ equity-free prize (research grants are also available)
  • Opportunities for launching industrial PoC
  • Benefit from a energy leaders technical and strategic support
  • Access to the Repsol and Galp business ecosystem

An AMA session with the Repsol and Galp teams will be held on the 13th of October. Register here to be able to meet and ask your questions to the team.

More information about the challenge can be found here. You can also find a brochure describing the challenge here.

You can apply until November 11th, 2022.