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On the 8th of November, our Policy Director Tudy Bernier was invited to participate in the online press briefing discussion on the Carbon Removals Certification Framework (CRCF) organised by the Members of the European Parliament Peter Liese – rapporteur on ETS, and Lídia Pereira – rapporteur on CRCF.

The meeting took place after the CRCF was adopted in the European Parliament Committee and before the vote in Plenary, and aimed to brief journalists on what has been agreed on in the Parliament, and how industrial removals can work in practice.

CO₂ Value Europe focused on describing mineralisation projects which can lead to carbon removals when using biogenic CO₂ or atmospheric CO₂, and making clear that when fossil CO₂ is mineralised, it leads not to removals but to zero emissions processes. We also underlined that reaching net zero targets must be a two-legged strategy: reducing emissions on the one hand and removing CO₂ from the atmosphere on the other. This is why both regulations – ETS for fossil CO2 and CRCF for biogenic/atmospheric CO₂ – will be crucial to creating a framework for mineralisation projects to multiply and scale up.

During the exchanges, journalists were able to exchange with MEPs and CO₂ Value Europe on how the new CRCF is helping to create a standard around carbon removals and the role it will play for companies to build their business cases. It was also the opportunity to exchange more technical aspects of mineralisation, as well as to underline mineralisation will be one of the bricks in the zero-emission journey of companies.