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CO2 Value Europe has recently welcomed Again as a member of its dynamic and rapidly growing community active in developing Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technology across Europe.

By combining natural gas-eating bacteria with cutting-edge technology, Again turns waste industrial CO₂ into emission-free chemicals. Their novel biomanufacturing process collects the unavoidable carbon outputs from industry and reuses them to manufacture emission-free chemicals.

Again provides affordable and flexible carbon capture solutions. Its biomanufacturing process offers industrial partners carbon capture without CAPEX and OPEX for them.

Our new member’s chemical products are among the most essential feedstocks for the chemical industry, spanning from acetic acid, ethanol, and acetone to longer carbon molecules used in the production of essential materials such as plastics and fabrics. These products cater to significant-end markets, all of which currently contribute to high CO₂ emissions.

For more information, please visit Again’s website.