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To quantify the contribution of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) towards climate neutrality, we have created, together with CLIMACT, a first-of-a-kind open-access web-based tool, the 2050 Pathways Explorer.

This model is a step-by-step solution supporting organisations with a robust analytical foundation and enabling the development of energy transition scenarios based on credible and transparent assumptions. It is an open-source web-based tool which enables the exploration of possible futures and assesses the implications and trade-offs of a large set of hypotheses. Simulations can be performed in real time, offering a direct understanding of the key levers of the low carbon transition, including CCU. The exploration scope encompasses the energy system and its dynamics, all GHG emissions, and the associated resources and socio-economic impacts.

Based on several scenario development workshops with more than 30 international experts, CVE has developed an Expert Vision that has been used as input to the 2050 Pathway Explorer to understand and quantify the potential of CCU, but also to describe the main parameters and key uncertainties associated with the upscaling of these technologies.

The report presenting these results is the first contextualised quantitative assessment of CCU’s contribution towards climate neutrality in the EU, the product of a thorough two-year exercise in collaboration with international academic, industrial, technological, and economic experts on CCU. This exercise is the first stage of an ongoing process of monitoring and quantifying the role of CCU in contributing to climate neutrality in the EU.

Access the CLIMACT 2050 Pathway Explorer here.

Read the full report here.