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Our Policy & Advocacy Team has grown with the addition of Luigi Ferrieri Caputi, our new Policy Assistant.

Luigi Ferrieri Caputi will complement the work of the team, mostly focusing on the implementation of European energy, climate & environment, and industry policies at Member States and regional levels.

Coming from Florence, Luigi is a dedicated individual with a strong background in Climate and Energy policies. Passionate about Climate, energy security and the European Union, he studied International Relations and European Studies in Italy at the University of Florence. He also has had the opportunity to study European Governance in France – at ESPOL in Lille, and Sciences Po in Grenoble.

Having previously worked as an intern at the economic and political office of the US Consulate General in Florence and having collaborated with an Italian newspaper attending COP26 in Glasgow, Luigi hopes he will be able to use the skills he acquired during his studies and previous professional experiences, learn new ones, and be able to have a strong and positive impact for the CCU community in Europe.

Our new colleague will play a key role in supporting the development of our Policy and Advocacy Team, starting with the first step we will be taking together towards broadening the scope of CO₂ Value Europe’s activities at the Member state level.

You can get in contact with him via email at