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Congratulations to our member Lhoist, and the project EVEREST is part of, which was selected among the 8 “General decarbonisation” projects by the European Union’s Innovation Fund.

The project EVEREST (Improved calcination and carbon capture for the largest lime plant in Europe) aims to achieve the full decarbonisation of a lime plant by deploying two technological pathways: firstly, EVEREST will build 3 first-of-a-kind oxyfuel kilns and equip them with carbon capture technology and secondly, it will retrofit existing kilns for carbon capture.

The demonstration of both pathways will accelerate decarbonisation across the lime industry and with the new combination of oxyfuel kilns with carbon capture, a new industry standard will be created for the next generation of lime plants.

Rheinkalk GmbH, the main project beneficiary, is the German subsidiary of the Lhoist Group, a global leader in lime, dolime, and minerals. By designing and developing new technologies and processes like Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU), Lhoist aims at lowering the environmental footprint of the construction industry.

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