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In its latest statement, CO₂ Value Europe welcomed the programme of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the second half of 2023 and its will to wrap up the Fit-for-55 package, and in particular the following priorities:

🟢 Finalising the Fit-for-55 package: We urged the Presidency to create financial incentives to make fossil-free alternatives more accessible than fossil equivalents to move away from the use of fossil fuels in Europe.

🟢 Fast-tracking the adoption of Net Zero Industry Act: We encouraged the Presidency to adopt swiftly the Net Zero Industry Act and to include as strategic net zero technologies CCU projects which will be crucial to defossilise the hardest to abate sectors.

🟢 Supporting the deployment of renewable hydrogen: We consider renewable hydrogen essential to decrease emissions in industry and transport, also through renewable hydrogen derivatives such as CCU fuels, for sectors where directly uptaking hydrogen is not possible (e.g. aviation and maritime)

🟢 Reinforcing strategic, technological and energy autonomy: We urge the Presidency to encourage the EU’s reindustrialisation by supporting the production of fossil-free fuels, chemicals and materials.

At the same time, CO2 Value Europe also invited the Presidency to consider other important energy and climate policies and instruments that have not been explicitly mentioned in its programme, in particular:

🟢 Setting a clear horizon with ambitious 2040 climate target for Europe: We see as paramount the support from EU member states to set a clear horizon for long-term climate goals to reach climate neutrality, for example by supporting the deployment of CCU projects.

🟢 Supporting an EU Strategy for Industrial Carbon Management: We encouraged the Spanish presidency to support this process and its completion by the end of the year.

🟢 Promoting carbon circularity to defossilise everyday products: While it is crucial to promote reduction, reuse and recycling as vital concepts for a circular Europe, we urged EU authorities to also embrace the concept of carbon circularity and address the upstream part of the chain, by promoting the uptake of alternative carbon feedstock to move away from fossil resources.

CO₂ Value Europe is looking forward to supporting the Presidency in its priorities and demonstrating how CCU projects can contribute to defossilising our economy.

Find our full statement here.