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At the end of April, CO₂ Value Europe endorsed a letter highlighting industry support for a European public-private partnership on sustainable fuels within Horizon Europe. The letter was co-signed by several industry organisations, academics, and research institutions.

The initiative is promoted by SUNERGY – the European R&I initiative on fossil-free fuels and chemicals for a climate-neutral Europe – but involves a larger community. Sustainable fuels can give an important contribution to replace fossil fuels and will be playing a key role in Europe’s future energy mix, as also shown by recent EU policy developments.

However, this field still needs a coherent, long-term framework to accelerate research and innovation. That should allow the industry to work together with researchers and other stakeholders within a consistent and long-term large-scale initiative, complementary to existing EU and national partnerships and platforms. The letter is calling on a public-private co-programmed partnership under Cluster 5 in Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe.

Please endorse this letter and join CO₂ Value Europe and the growing list of organisations committed to this vision. Your support will not only increase the impact of this initiative but will also demonstrate unity and collaboration among industrial actors.

Read and endorse the letter here.