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Yesterday, our Policy Team, together with other five partner organisations co-signed a letter urging the EU legislators to advance the EU’s certification framework for renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs).

In the letter, we welcome the RED II Delegated Acts defining the production criteria for RFNBOs and Recycled Carbon Fuels (RCFs) but we also stress the urgent need to implement the new rules in an harmonised way and complement them with a comprehensive certification framework, as failing to do so would further hamper the scale-up of the EU’s RFNBO market.


🟢 Urgently Provide Implementation Guidance to Accreditation Bodies
🟢 Ensure a Timely Assessment of Voluntary Certification Schemes
🟢 Ensure the International Enforcement of RFNBO Production Criteria for Imports
🟢 Promote Consistency Across the EU Regulatory Landscape

Please find the general joint letter here.

We have recently also cosigned a second letter together with Hydrogen EuropeFuelsEurope and Methanol Institute looking at different case studies to test how the new EU rules would apply in real-life examples of renewable fuels production, how some of the rules can be interpreted in different ways, and what the interpretation of the hydrogen, fuels producers and CCU value chains is on the different implications the rules may have. We are also calling for EU policymakers to weigh in on those interpretations to provide further clarity and certainty to hydrogen & CCU fuels producers.

Please find the case studies joint letter here.