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Congratulations to our Norwegian member Nordic Electrofuel on being among the 9 mid-sized pilot projects selected by the European Union’s Innovation Fund.

The Nordic Electrofuel’s project is dedicated to the production of carbon-neutral synthetic-fuel, utilising synthetic hydrocarbons derived from renewable energy, water, and CO/ CO₂. Nordic Electrofuel’s technology includes the patented reversed water gas shift (RWGS) and Fischer-Tropsch (FT), offering a significant advantage by enabling the use of the hydrocarbon/Fischer-Tropsch-based e-syntheric-fuel in existing engines and infrastructure without any modifications. This approach has the potential to replace fossil-based products such as kerosene, diesel, naphtha, wax, and lubricants.

This prestigious acknowledgement confirms our Norwegian member as a pioneer in electrofuel technology development, particularly for sustainable aviation. This award sets the stage for Nordic Electrofuel to finalise their investment decision by early next year, enabling the commencement of construction on their first e-synthetic fuel plant at Herøya, in Southern Norway. The plant is projected to be operational by 2026 and the contribution of the Innovation Fund will amount to 40 million Euros. Additionally, the pilot plant at Herøya will serve as the initial milestone in Nordic Electrofuel’s ambitious plan to produce one billion litres of sustainable aviation fuel within the next decade.

Nordic Electrofuel is a Norwegian company founded in 2015 offering a solution for the rapid transition from fossil to renewable electrical energy for the aviation sector. It is based on the conversion of renewable electric energy into liquid synthetic-fuels than can be as easily transported, stored and used like conventional fossil hydrocarbons. It also provides solutions to distribute and store stranded electrical energy.

Alongside Nordic Electrofuel, four other Norwegian companies have also received substantial support from the EU’s innovation fund. These are Norway Fortescue Future Industries, FREYR, Vianode, and Norsun.

This milestone not only strengthens the Norwegian industry but also represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to shape a sustainable and innovative future through the adoption of defossilisation technologies.

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