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Early this month, Innovation Origins put our Flemish member D-CRBN in the spotlight for its Plasma reactor, making new raw materials out of captured CO2.

D-CRBN is located at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges and this strategic location allows it to focus on port applications for the petrochemical, metallurgical, and maritime transport sector.

Our member wants to build plasma reactors that run on renewable energy and can be turned on & off like a light switch. Trimming the energy costs of converting the feedstock into green added value products during off-peak moments will make the process profitable, sustainable, and flexible. Storing renewable electricity into the chemical bonds of molecules can provide long-term energy storage.

D-CRBN Co-founder and CCO David Ziegler said in the interview to Innovation Origins: “Using our plasma reactor, we generate lightning that breaks down the CO₂ into carbon monoxide. This is used to make a lot of chemical products. We are the successor to the CCS story, which stands for carbon capture and storage. We are putting the CO₂ to use. This is called carbon capture and utilization (CCU). This is where we make a big difference compared to other technologies.”

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Find more on when D-CRBN’s first test line will be built here.