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This morning, our Scientific Director Célia Julia Sapart, participated as a speaker in the “2nd Women in CCUS” workshop in Stockholm, Sweden and online.

The hybrid workshop was co-organised by the EU-funded projects CaLby2030 project and C4U Project, and hosted by our member Swerim.

The initiative was divided into two key sessions:

🟢In the first session, the speakers shared their personal paths, with a special focus on inspiring young girls to explore STEM fields, regardless of gender barriers.

🟢The second session delved into an in-depth internal discussion, guided by an expert facilitator, to analyse the narratives from the previous session. The objective was to uncover and address any underlying issues or biases that may be embedded within these success stories.

The workshop was intended to provide young girls with role models and real-life examples of women who have succeeded in STEM careers, especially in carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technology. Empowering girls with knowledge and interest in CCU and CCS can lead to future advancements in the field and contribute to mitigating climate change.

More info here.