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On the 26sup>th of September, the INITIATE Project Coordinator Eric van Dijk from TNO presented the INITIATE project during the online workshop ‘’Transforming the Metal-making Industry: Showcases for Retrofitting and Circularity’’.

Eric’s presentation titled‘’ INITIATE: Ammonia and urea from steel off-gases’’ was the opportunity to give participants a concise update on the different advances of our project.

The INITIATE project is about building the business case for the roll-out of industrial symbiosis for using steel off-gas as feedstock for the ammonia and urea industry. The project is now about halfway down, and the pilot construction is in progress. Modelling focuses on dealing with the feed dynamics, and the system performance in terms of techno-economic and life-cycle performance, feeding into the business case modelling. The initial techno-economic evaluation clearly shows the benefit of the symbiotic INITIATE concept concerning the implementation of conventional CO2 removal technologies.

The workshop, co-organised with INITIATE’s partners Retrofeed EU project and REVamp, was also an opportunity for the three projects to present their major results and in particular the technical developments within their technologies.

INITIATE Project Coordinator’s presentation can be found here.

The webinar recording can be found here.

CO2 Value Europe is proudly part of the INITIATE consortium as WP7 leader in communication and dissemination. The INITIATE project, funded by the Horizon 2020 EU program, will advance the implementation of circular economy, industrial symbiosis, and carbon capture and utilisation technologies (CCU) by re-using residual steel gases as a resource for the cross-sectorial, more efficient, and less wasteful manufacture of urea, at a significantly reduced carbon footprint.