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Last month, our member Svante and BASF entered a Commercial Supply Agreement to scale up Svante’s proprietary sorbent material, Calgary Framework 20 (CALF-20), used in Svante’s carbon capture process.

CALF-20 is a metal-organic framework (MOF), which are crystalline porous materials that can be used to capture up to 95% of CO2 emitted from industrial sources. The flue gases are then concentrated into a high-purity CO2 and released for further industrial use.

With this agreement with BASF, MOF technology will be produced for the first time on a large commercial scale for carbon capture, opening the doors to the wider applications of this promising technology.

In addition to scaling up its CALF-20 manufacturing process, Svante has developed a high-volume and low-cost roll-to-roll process for coating the sorbent onto sheets of laminate. The laminate is then stacked into high-performance filters, which are now available for both industrial point-source capture and direct air capture.

Svante’s technologies will play a key role in decarbonizing industrial activity in diverse fields including hydrogen, pulp and paper, cement, steel, aluminum, and chemicals.

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