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CO₂ Value Europe is delighted to announce the launch of the website for the CCUS ZEN project. The website was created to enable users to easily access information about the project and its progress.

The Horizon Europe project CCUS ZEN (Zero Emission Network to facilitate CCUS uptake in industrial clusters) is aiming to reduce CO₂ emissions from industrial clusters and hubs in Europe by deploying Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and Carbon Capture and Storage.

The main objective of CCUS ZEN is to accelerate the deployment of CCUS throughout Europe by providing stakeholders with knowledge and disseminating important information to aid in making informed decisions on CCUS and developing concrete plans for the development of CCUS value chains.

CCUS ZEN will examine the feasibility of CCUS value chain deployment with a focus on two regions with a lower maturity level for CCUS compared to the current development in the North Sea region: the Baltic Sea region and the Mediterranean Sea region.

Find CCUS ZEN’s website here.