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CO2 Value Europe as a proud partner of the CO2SMOS project participated in the CO2SMOS General Assembly, which took place from 24-25 October in Valencia. The consortium, gathered 15 interdisciplinary partners, marking the 1.5 years since the start of the project.

The General Assembly kicked off with a welcome introduction and overview of the work done in the past months from the coordinator Raúl Piñero Hernanz from CARTIF.

The consortium then had the opportunity to split into 2 parallel sessions to discuss 2 main areas of technological development in the project:

  • Bioprocess & biotechnological approach
  • Electrochemical/catalytic process solutions

The General Assembly continued with detailed presentations of the developments and results achieved in all work packages proving that CO2SMOS project is steadily proceeding step by step, thanks to the collaboration of an international and multidisciplinary consortium.

As the preparatory activities are completed, the project moves now to a new phase, in which all 5 CO2SMOS’s technologies will be optimised and technologically validated at lab scale in partners’ facilities.