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CO₂ Value Europe is among the eight organisations to call on the European institutions to introduce ambitious targets in the ReFuelEU Aviation plan.

The negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission – known as “trilogue” – are currently underway to finalise by the end of April 2023 this groundbreaking initiative that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Ahead of the upcoming trilogue, CO₂ Value Europe along with the other co-signing associations, strongly expressed its support for ambitious targets of 6% SAF and thereof 2% synthetic aviation fuels in 2030, scaling up to 85% SAF and thereof 50% synthetic aviation fuels in 2050, which mirror the EU’s climate protection efforts, as proposed by the European Parliament.

The final figures will soon be confirmed in the final text being negotiated, but in essence, the ReFuelEU Aviation would oblige:

🟢 Airlines would need to gradually increase the share of CCU fuels they use.

🟢 Airlines departing EU airports use sustainable fuels and refuel aircraft only with the fuel necessary for the flight to avoid emissions related to extra weight caused by fuelling practices.

🟢 EU airports guarantee the necessary infrastructure to deliver, store, and refuel with sustainable aviation fuels.

Please find our full joint letter here.

Read about ReFuelEU Aviation here.