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Last week, our member D-CRBN, a pioneering Belgian company dedicated to advancing innovative solutions for CO2 recycling, was awarded a €2.5 million grant from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program.

The EIC Accelerator Program, a flagship funding initiative under Horizon Europe, offers crucial support to start-ups and SMEs with innovative, game-changing products, services, or business models. D-CRBN’s recognition by this program highlights the disruptive potential of its CO2 recycling technology, which drives positive change on a global scale.

Among the selected applications, 42 companies secured €285 million in funding, with the majority (62%) set to receive a mix of grants and equity. D-CRBN is the sole Belgian company among those seeking this blended support.

D-CRBN has established a proprietary modular and scalable plasma technology capable of splitting the CO2 molecule into CO, all in a fully electrified, gaseous phase, without solvents or catalysts. The CO is then turned into added value chemicals, such as e-fuels, organic acids, polymers, etc. that are used as feedstocks for the chemical, petrochemical, maritime, and metallurgical industries, among others. The aim of D-CRBN is not only to defossilise industries by eliminating their point source emissions but also to replace fossil feedstocks with CO2 recycled added value chemicals, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy.

Please find more in the published press release here.