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Today, we bid a fond farewell to Christoph Beuttler, who has been an invaluable part of our Board at CO2 Value Europe. He has served on our board with dedication, providing insightful guidance and unwavering support.

During his tenure, Christoph has contributed significantly to our growth and success. He contributed to structuring strategic alliances within the Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) ecosystem and helped spearhead major regulatory milestones, such as establishing certified carbon removal frameworks in the EU and pioneering certified Direct Air Capture (DAC) methodologies.

Our Chair of the Board Walter Eevers stated “Christoph has always been dedicated to the development of science-based technologies as a solution against climate change. His commitment to advancing CCU technologies is commendable, and his contributions to the Board of CO2 Value Europe have been instrumental in driving positive change for our association and the effort to mitigate climate change. We wish you the best of luck in your new endeavours.

Please join us in thanking Christoph for his outstanding contributions during his time with our member Climeworks and wishing him success as he continues his journey at Carbon Gap!