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Lara Dammer, Head of the Department of Economy & Policy, along with Christopher vom Berg and Michael Carus, Executive Managers at our member nova Institute have co-authored an insightful paper entitled “Comprehensive Carbon Management – New Thinking and Terminology Are Required to Achieve Climate Targets and Secure a Sustainable Carbon Supply”.

The study, commissioned by the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), embraces a more comprehensive approach to carbon management and showcases its roles in the future.

Here are some key insights:

🔵 Efficiency is key in carbon management. We need to allocate as efficiently and effectively as possible renewable carbon from biomass, CO₂, and recycling to industries that require it.

🔵 Ensuring a reliable supply of renewable carbon is essential for industries like chemicals and materials.

🔵 We must shift our mindset and treat carbon as a valuable raw material.

🔵 With a comprehensive approach, we can defossilise carbon-reliant sectors and energy production. Only as a last resource, when emissions are truly unavoidable, should we turn to carbon dioxide removal.

CO₂ Value Europe is a member of RCI,  an alliance of more than 60 companies, SMEs, and start-ups committed to supporting and speeding up the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials.

Read the article here.

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