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On the 30th of November, our Senior Policy Manager Franklin Streichenberger participated as a speaker in Session V ‘’Exploring Resilience, Support Innovation & Accelerate The Transition’’ at the 2nd Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum, taking place in Berlin, Germany.

Franklin’s presentation titled “CO2 utilisation and e-kerosene production” focused on three elements: the role of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) for e-kerosene production; the latest EU policies impacting CCU uptake for the aviation sector and finally the challenges ahead for the CCU fuels. Among others, he insisted on the need to talk about “defossilisation” in an industry where the carbon molecule is a key feedstock – aviation is indeed a (very) hard to electrify sector. He also highlighted CCU was to be listed as strategic under the NZIA if we were to support the development of the entire sustainable alternative fuels value chain in the EU.

During the session, our colleague had the chance to present the TAKE-OFF project for which we are proudly leading the communication and dissemination package.  The TAKE-OFF project, funded by the Horizon 2020 EU program, plans to develop a next-generation Power-to-SAF process which converts renewable hydrogen and captured CO2 (DAC and Flue Gas Emissions) to a class of hydrocarbons called light olefins, such as ethylene and propylene, which then need to be subsequently converted into the final jet fuel through further reactions. For this process, a key parameter is the use of substances such as solvents and catalysts to control and facilitate the chemical reactions.

COValue Europe is a media partner at the 2nd Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forumwhich serves as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, uniting industry leaders, experts, and visionaries in the pursuit of sustainable solutions.

More information about the event here.