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Yesterday, our member Norsk e-Fuel announced a new strategic partnership with Norwegian to build a full-scale synthetic-fuel plant in Mosjøen, northern Norway.

For the production of synthetic sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the facility will use 100 percent renewable energy, water and recycled biogenic CO2 and CO2 from direct air capture and turn them into sustainable fuels.

The plant will start producing SAF as of 2026 and is estimated to secure approximately 20 per cent of the airline’s total demand for SAF by 2030. In addition, Norwegian will invest more than four million euros for a minority equity stake in Norsk e-Fuel.

The area of Mosjøen ensures among the lowest energy prices in Europe, as well as stable access to energy generated through hydropower. This is considered a pivotal competitive advantage, as electricity constitutes a significant cost element in the production of synthetic fuels.

We are announcing a partnership that will take a leading role in the transition to sustainable aviation. This is quite unique. With its ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions, Norwegian is a role model for the aviation industry. We are looking forward to many more joining us on the journey” said Lars Bjørn Larsen, CCO of Norsk e-Fuel.

Norsk e-Fuel is a Norwegian company and a European consortium of 5 partners industrialising synthetic fuel production by converting CO2 and H2O to fuel through electrochemical reaction using 100 % renewable Norwegian electricity. The company uses CO2 provided from industrial point sources as well as extracted from the atmosphere via direct air capture.

Please find more on the new partnership here.