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CO2 Value Europe has recently welcomed Net Zero Emission Lab as a member of its dynamic and rapidly growing community active in developing Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technology across Europe.

Net Zero Emission Labs is a newly founded company within the Rohrdorfer Group. Their mission – which is comparable to a cleantech start-up – is to defossilise cement production and thus accelerate the path to Europe’s climate neutrality.

Net Zero Emission Labs is pioneering work in defossilisation with a team of 20 experts from the fields of process engineering, environmental technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and economics.

Since 2022, their pilot plant has been capturing CO₂ and processing it into a raw material (formic acid) for the chemical industry (CCU). Further, Net Zero Emission Labs has just been granted a 30-million-euro project for a Carbon Capture Plant which will capture 30.000t/year.

For more information, please visit Net Zero Emission Labs’s website.