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Led by UP Catalyst, the MoReCCU project (Molten Salt Regeneration for Carbon Capture and Utilisation) utilises molten salt technology to improve the capture and regeneration processes, ensuring optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
By employing molten salt, a liquid medium capable of efficiently absorbing carbon dioxide (CO₂) during the capture phase, the system maximises the removal of CO₂ from industrial emissions. Additionally, it enables the regeneration of the salt for repeated use, making it a genuinely sustainable approach.

The European Consortium, consisting of industry and academic experts, has united with a shared objective: to optimise the Molten Salt Carbon Capture and Electrochemical Transformation technology, surpassing existing sustainability standards and establishing new benchmarks for the industry.

What truly sets molten salt regeneration apart is its ability to serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt mining. Not only does it address pressing environmental concerns, but it also enhances critical production factors such as energy efficiency.

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