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Our partner Global CO2 Initiative’s analysis of the carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) space helps clarify CCU trends and development, as well as points to the most effective and efficient ways in which to grow the CCU industry.

Key findings:

🟢  There are two main types of CCU: Track 1 (durable capture and stabilisation) and Track 2 (temporary capture) which can contribute to a circular carbon economy replacing fossil carbon.

🟢  The four most climatologically significant CCU options are aggregates (Track 1), precast concrete (Track 1), synthetic jet fuels (Track 2), and methanol (Track 2).

🟢  These four options are ready but several policy and financial actions and incentives are still required to implement them at scale.

🟢  Integrated capture and utilisation minimise the need for infrastructure.

In this webinar the authors explain the key findings of the report.

Please find the report here.