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Congratulations to our member University of Liège’s master students from the Chemical Engineering Department on being awarded the Eurecha Student Contest Problem (SCP) first prize.

The Student Contest Problem is organised every year by Eurecha for Computer Aided Process Engineering  (CAPE) students to suggest solutions to a broad chemical engineering problem. For a few years now, the topic has been “Manufacturing Chemical Products from CO₂ using Renewable Energy Resources.”

Our member students have won the first prize thanks to their work named “Production of Olefins from Carbon Dioxide and Renewable Electricity”, developed within the framework of the class Introduction to economic analysis, application to industrial processes, supervised by our Scientific Advisory Committee’s member Prof. Gregoire LEONARD and Antoine Rouxhet.

Against this contest, the master students worked in groups for several months to design a chemical process that addressed societal challenges such as CO₂ capture and utilisation, while using Process Systems Engineering tools.

More info on their achievement here.