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CO2 Value Europe has recently welcomed Dioxycle as a member of its dynamic and rapidly growing community active in developing Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) technology across Europe.

Dioxycle is a French company specialising in converting CO₂ into valuable products using low-temperature electrolysis. Launched in 2021, the company has secured over €9 million in pre-seed stage financing, including support from the Breakthrough Energy Fellowship program, founded by Bill Gates and Lowercarbon capital.

Dioxycle’s turn-key solutions are designed to convert carbon emissions into valuable and sustainable chemicals and feedstocks, which are conventionally produced from fossil fuels. The company’s high-performance CO₂ electrolysis core technologies only use decarbonised electricity, CO₂ and water to produce carbon-based products such as materials, plastic and fuel precursors.

After finalising a laboratory prototype capable of converting over 10 kg of CO₂ per day in 2022, Dioxycle plans to set up its first on-site demonstrators in 2023 and scale up the technology and increase its TRL through further pilots.

Our new member is looking to actively engage on the fronts that could contribute to raising awareness on CCU, showing its advantages and complementarity with CCS to decarbonise in particular hard-to-abate manufacturing industrial verticals and advocating for a supportive regulatory framework (not just for e-fuels) to trigger the development of CCU to reinvent chemistry based on increased carbon circularity.

For more info, please visit Dioxycle’s website.