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At the COP 28 Climate Conference, most countries in the world have agreed to «transition away from fossil fuels», the main cause of climate change

This commitment, encompassing only the energy systems, is included in the outcome text of the first “global stocktake”, describing how countries can accelerate action to meet climate targets.

This text recognises the role of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) as a zero-low-technological solution, especially for hard-to-abate sectors and the crucial need to ramp up alternative (non-fossil) fuels such as CCU-fuels produced with carbon-captured at point sources or in the air, reacting with renewable or low-carbon hydrogen.

CO2 Value Europe welcomes this first milestone towards “defossilisation” and it hopes that very soon a phase-out of fossil fuels as energy carriers, but also as feedstock in the industry will be acted to create a more sustainable industry based on carbon circular solutions.