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From 27-28 of April, we hosted in Brussels Carbon Capture and Utilisation experts from across Europe to develop our “European Roadmap for CCU”.

Our roadmap exercise is aimed at developing a structured plan to guide stakeholders by laying down the actions that need to be undertaken to help CCU realise its potential. It will focus on the development of CCU in Europe by at least 2030 and will include four basic elements:

  • A review of the current development of CCU.
  • A scenario building exercise to define the context of CCU deployment at a large scale.
  • An exercise of modelling CCU pathways to provide quantified information on the contribution of CCU to climate goals.
  • A description of actions that will be necessary to realise the vision of a scalable CCU industry.Over the next months, we will keep you updated regularly on the major developments regarding our CCU roadmap. So please stay tuned!