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This month, CO2 Value Europe has co-signed, along with other 17 organisations, a joint letter on the Revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD).

Adjusting tax rates to the fossil content of the individual energy carriers, as set out in the European Commission‘s recent ETD proposal, is a first step towards reflecting the climate impact of each energy carrier. At the same time, the revised tax rates would be a key economic lever to compensate for the currently still high investment and production cost of Renewable and LowCarbon Fuels.

Along with our partners, we call on:

  • The European Member States to swiftly reach an agreement on the Revision of the ETD that incentivises the production and the use of Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels.
  • An Implementing Act to allow stakeholders to participate in the technical discussions leading to the pragmatic and practical implementation of Article 2(6).
  • Maintaining the ten-year minimum tax rate of zero for sustainable fuels in the maritime and aviation sector. To provide additional financial relief, we suggest using parts of the ETS revenues to financially support the aviation and maritime sector in their sustainable transition process.

Please find the joint letter here.