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CO₂ Value Europe supports the EU proposal on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) issued in March 2022, a new initiative aiming to enhance the circularity, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability of products within the EU. Serving as a dynamic catalyst, the ESPR inspires diverse industries to redouble their efforts in minimising the carbon footprint of everyday commodities.

However, we believe the scope of sustainability needs to be broadened further. While we commend the emphasis on endurance, repairability, and circularity in the #ESPR, an essential puzzle piece remains absent – the feedstock used to produce materials. We believe it’s time for the EU Commission to prioritise the origin of materials and their reliance on fossil resources.

Our stance is simple: every product, whether textiles, cosmetics, plastics, detergents or chemicals in general, should be driven to reuse carbon rather than rely on fossil resources. This is the foundation of a truly sustainable approach.

We advocate for the integration of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and renewable carbon as integral components of this approach. Our objective is to guarantee unequivocal, legally binding inclusion of concrete defossilisation targets to be enshrined into EU law. This will fuel circularity, sustainability, and align with the EU Communication for Sustainable Carbon Cycles’ ambition of attaining the 20% non-fossil carbon goal in chemicals and plastics by 2030.

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