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On 29th of November, experts from CCU/CCS, science and industry came together to share their experiences with negative emissions in the online press conference organised by Member of the European Parliament Dr. Peter Liese, EPP Group’s Spokesman on Environment.

The panel aimed at commenting on the European Commission’s proposal on Carbon Removals Certification Mechanism (CRCM), how it will impact industries in reaching climate targets, and how CRCM and the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) are articulated.

Our Secretary General, Anastasios Perimenis, stated “We need legal certainty and clear definitions at EU level in alignment with the latest IPCC recommendations to mitigate climate change, so that a wide range of economic actors can invest in carbon removals. Complementary to carbon removals we continue to need supportive legislation to recognise that carbon captured from unavoidable industrial emissions can be valorised through Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) to replace fossil-carbon in our economy and lead to significant emission reductions and emission-neutral production systems”.

Mr. Liese, as rapporteur on the Emissions Trading System, also pushed for negative emissions to be recognised within the emissions trading.

“Of course, a sound and reliable techniques must be developed, and its inclusion must not lead to loopholes. But this is possible and that is why I am glad that we now have a foot in the door. The Commission has been mandated to present a report by mid-2026 to outline how to better incentivise these techniques. Including them in the ETS is a serious option”, said Liese. An acknowledgement of uncontested importance.

Please find the press statement here.