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CO₂ Value Europe, CEMBUREAU, EUROFER, EULA, E-Fuels Alliance, UPEI, Euromines, ECFD, and Methanol institute have released a statement raising concerns about the European Commission’s Draft Delegated Act on Greenhouse Gas Savings from Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBOs) and Recycled Carbon Fuels (RCFs).

Specifically, the provision proposing the phase-out of industrial CO₂ as a feedstock for RFNBOs by 2041 – 2036 for CO₂ arising from the combustion of fuels for electricity generation – is unjustified and counter-productive.

The cosignatories of the relative Joint Statement:

🟢 Believe this proposal could endanger the commercial viability of current and future Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) fuel projects, and limit the supply of RFNBOs, which play a crucial role in defossilising the transport sector.

🟢 Assert that this proposal is not supported by an impact assessment of EU needs for CO₂ and the availability of CO₂ sources, and give no alternative to industrial facilities that generate unavoidable CO₂ emissions and that do not have geographical or practical access to CO₂ storage sites.

🟢 Urge the EU to incorporate a grandfathering clause for existing industrial facilities using unavoidable CO₂ to reward early movers, while accelerating the supply and use of direct air capture and biogenic CO₂.

🟢 Call on the EU institutions to reconsider this proposal and establish a stable market for the supply of CCU fuels.

Please read the full Joint Statement here.