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Our British member Carbon Clean has recently announced a new partnership with 14 organisations, including our other member the University of Surrey, and consumer goods companies Unilever and BASF to demonstrate the value of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) to that sector.

The Flue2Chem project will last two years and will develop a new value chain to convert industrial flue gases into sustainable feedstock for consumer products, which according to our members could result in a saving of 15-20 million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year in Britain.

As part of the project, Carbon Clean’s fully modular CycloneCC carbon capture technology will capture 10 TPD of CO2 from three industrial sites – at Holmen, Tata Steel, and UPM.

CycloneCC is one of the world’s smallest industrial carbon capture technology, which is delivered ready to install and can be operational in 8 weeks. This solution allows hard-to-abate industries to reduce both capex and opex by up to 50%, lowering the cost of CO2 capture.

More on the Flue2Chem project here.