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Newsletter – June 2023

Dear members and followers,

In our June edition, you will witness our participation in many past and upcoming conferences to exchange with industrial actors and authorities and to increase understanding of the contribution of CCU in reaching the EU’s climate and circularity goals.

On the policy front, we are slowly coming to an end of an unprecedented policy-making period with many instruments being officially adopted (e.g. REDII Delegated Acts, ETS, CBAM) and others being almost there (e.g. REDIII, ReFuel EU, FuelEU Maritime, NZIA). We raise your attention to the launch of the public consultation on the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy that will detail the role that CCU and CCS can play in the EU. The consultation is closing on the 31st of August 2023 and we strongly invite CCU followers to respond and highlight the important contributions of CCU. CO2 Value Europe will also include quantitative elements of the Roadmap exercise that we have been undertaking with our members.

On internal affairs, we welcome Pablo Ortiz from Tecnalia and Frederik Verhelst from Lhoist as newly appointed members of the Board of Directors. Our Scientific Advisory Committee is also welcoming Prof. Ruben Snellings from KU Leuven as its newest member. Congratulations to the Committee for important publications in the area of CCU as you will see below.  A final welcome to the CO2 Value Europe family to our newest members.

Enjoy the reading and your summer break and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.