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Our Scientific Advisory Committee’s member André Bardow is among the authors of the paper “A climate-optimal supply chain for CO₂ capture, utilisation, and storage by mineralisation”.

The study designs a climate-optimal supply chain for carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) and carbon capture and storage (CCS) mineralisation to quantify the large-scale potential of CO₂ mineralisation in Europe.

Major results:

🟢 A climate-optimal CO₂ mineralisation could avoid up to 130 Mt CO₂/year of industrial emissions in Europe even with the current energy mix.

🟢 By 2040, CCU and CCS mineralisation could provide negative emissions of up to 136 Mt CO₂/year.

The required energy and CO₂ for the CCU and CCS supply chain can be provided either by expanding the current infrastructure by about 5 % or, even more climate efficiently, by building new infrastructure.

Critical steps toward large potential of CO₂ mineralisation in Europe:

🟢 Scaling up the CCU and CCS mineralisation technology to the industrial level.

🟢 Exploiting large-scale mineral deposits.

Please find the paper here.