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Welcome to our New Member Seabound!

Seabound is a London-based climate technology start-up developing carbon capture equipment for the global shipping industry. This industry drives 90% of the world’s economy and emits approximately one billion tons of CO2 annually, corresponding to 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Through their technology, Seabound provides shipowners with the opportunity to lead the defossilisation of the shipping industry.

Seabound has developed a retrofittable solution for onboard carbon capture that avoids up to 95% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The technology works by using a stream of solid quicklime pebbles that is continuously fed into the device. The CO2 reacts with the quicklime to turn into calcium carbonate, otherwise known as limestone. The resulting limestone pebbles are temporarily stored onboard in the solid phase and offloaded ashore. On land, pebbles can be directly used in the materials sector, including for cement or road building. Alternatively, the pebbles can be reprocessed into quicklime (calcination), which can be reused for further onboard carbon capture. The remaining extracted pure CO2 can be sold for synthetic fuel production or into the food and beverage industry, as well as other use cases where CO2 is a required input.

This technology can help shipowners to reduce their carbon footprint including in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) which gradually included shipping since the beginning of 2024. To date, Seabound has built two land-based prototypes at its London Research & Development facility and conducted a first pilot onboard a medium-sized container ship owned by Lomar Shipping.

Find out more at Seabound’s website.