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Welcome to our New Member Revcoo!

Since 2019, Revcoo has been developing CarbonCloud, a solution to mitigating CO2 emissions. This Post-Combustion Capture (PCC) solution ensures limited and controlled environmental impact via its minimal carbon footprint, the absence of water consumption, and no waste production.

CarbonCloud provides all CO2 emitters access to Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) methods. It is suitable for all types of processes, such as the production of lime, cement, glass, waste incineration, aluminium and steel smelting, as well as innovative oxy-combustion processes. Revcoo’s technology works based on two simultaneous approaches – reverse sublimation, cryogenic trapping by direct contact, and reverse energy, temperature recycling.

Revcoo has installed CarbonCloud technology in a lime kiln in the North of France, owned by EIFFAGE.

Find out more on Revcoo here.