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Welcome to our New Member Qair!

Qair is an independent European renewable energy company with a global presence. They develop, finance, build, and operate green hydrogen, marine renewables, onshore renewables projects.

Our new member is a prominent actor in renewable electricity generation with an operational capacity of 1,2 GW and a 30 GW pipelineQair is also expanding its project portfolio to include energy management solutions such as battery storage and green hydrogen production.

Qair Group’s global strategy revolves around two key approaches:

🔵Initiating pilot projects in France, including a joint project with Airbus to produce synthetic fuels based on green hydrogen and CO2 -based Sustainable Aviation Fuel (Power-to-SAF).

🔵Developing large scale projects in geographies such as Brazil and Iceland to supply Europe with large quantities of hydrogen or its derivatives.

Through innovative projects focused on green electricity production and the conversion of renewable energy into green hydrogen and its derivatives, Qair strives to contribute to Europe’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

Please find more information here.