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Our members University of Mons (UMONS) and Lhoist that have been collaborating in the Carbon Capture Solutions field and wish to evaluate technologies at a lower level of technological maturity (TRL4-6) for the next generation of CO2 capture technologies using electricity produced by renewable energies to reach the zero emission objective in 2050, are looking for a talented PhD candidate to focus on CO2 technologies for the lime production sector.

The chemical engineering and material sciences department of UMONS has a long experience and expertise in relation with gas purification and separation with nowadays: CO2 capture as the main application, especially for adsorption-based processes and absorption-regeneration processes.

The Lhoist Group is a global leader in lime, dolomite and minerals. Lhoist wants to offer its customers zero-CO2 emissions products. It is actually involved in some main research projects to test different CO2 capture technologies.

Area of the proposed research in this PhD:

  • Identification and first evaluation of CO2 technologies using electricity as energy source to capture CO2 in flue gases from limestone unit. At the end of this first part of the work one or two technologies will be selected and studied in details.
  • The units will be modeled and simulated on a commercial software as ASPEN or G-proms. After the modeling validation, a process simulation at industrial scale (with a flue gas from the limestone industry) will be performed.
  • Finally, techno-economic and environmental assessments of the global process will be performed through CAPEX and OPEX evaluations and life cycle analysis respectively.

The candidate will be hosted at UMONS and Lhoist in Belgium.

More info on this opportunity, candidate’s profile and how to apply here.

The application deadline is September 30.