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Earlier this month, our member D-CRBN inaugurated its cutting-edge CO₂ recycling pilot line, reaching a major milestone for the company and a significant leap toward a greener and more sustainable future. The technology is designed to convert CO₂ into valuable sustainable feedstock – carbon monoxide (CO) – with an annual capacity of 1000 tons.

At the heart of D-CRBN’s CO₂ recycling pilot line is pioneering plasma technology, which uses the properties of plasma to efficiently repurpose carbon dioxide molecules into carbon monoxide. This transformation offers an eco-friendly alternative derived from CO₂ emissions, making an impact on sustainability.

Beginning on the 10th of October, the pilot line embarked on a three-month factory acceptance testing phase at the BlueApp Building. This assessment is crucial in ensuring the technology’s efficiency and reliability, setting the stage for successful industrial implementation.

Next year, a further step will be taken by transitioning the pilot line to one of D-CRBN customer’s industrial facilities for real-world application and industrial-scale implementation.

We’re looking forward to seeing D-CRBN’s CO₂ recycling pilot line’s future impact!

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