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Our Danish member Again just announced the launch of a new production site for CO₂-based chemicals alongside a $10 million seed round from leading Silicon Valley investors ACME Capital and GV (Google Ventures) as well as Atlantic Labs from Berlin.

The company harnesses natural, gas-eating bacteria to convert waste carbon dioxide (CO₂) into a range of sustainable chemical products.

Launching the carbon utilisation plant marks a milestone in Again’s mission to build sustainable industrial value chains using biology. Among energy-intensive industries, the chemical industry is one of the most challenging to defossilise due to its dependence on carbon as a building block, while other hard-to-abate sectors like steel or cement lack affordable options to tackle unavoidable carbon emissions. Direct industrial emissions account for about one-quarter of the world’s energy system CO₂ emissions. Again’s novel biomanufacturing process collects these unavoidable carbon outputs from industry at the source, reusing them to manufacture sustainable chemicals.

Please find the full press release here.