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Welcome to our New Member Net4CO2!

NET4CO2’s mission is to develop innovative defossilisation solutions, from science to market, and accelerate the deployment of competitive and disruptive solutions for Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) to support a sustainable CO2  economy.

Our new member has teams focusing on the development and evaluation of an array of technologies related to the capture, transportation and utilisation of CO2, including both proprietary and non-proprietary methods, towards CO2 emissions mitigation. Their CO2 Capture & Separation team is actively involved in advancing several initiatives related to carbon capture and transportation processes including carbon capture technologies, CO2 separation, water treatment, and prototype development. The CO2 Utilisation team explores initiatives related to carbon utilisation processes including synthetic fuels, biofuels, syngas, recycled materials, composites, water treatment/management, and other strategic applications.

Net4CO2’s current projects are focusing on developing a continuous carbon capture process from flue gas, in a post-combustion capture approach using Net4CO2 technologies, by studying two physical capture processes: crystallisation of gas clathrates and through amine-based absorption; CO2 valorisation featuring the production of synthetic and biofuels and CO2-based materials; and the development of an industrial process for optimised continuous production of E-fuels, by using catalytic films and proprietary technologies.

For more information, please visit the Net4CO2 website here.