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Welcome to our New Member Lessafre!

For more than 170 years, Lesaffre has been a key global player in fermentation and microorganisms. By placing fermentation at the heart of its business, our new member is playing a part in employing biotechnology advances for a healthier and more sustainable future. The incredible potential of microorganisms (yeasts, bacteria…) enables Lesaffre to position itself in the markets for baking, taste and food pleasure, nutrition/health and industrial biotechnology.

Our new member has recently announced an initiative, in partnership with SoScience, aiming to create a circular economy model in which carbon dioxide is not considered a waste, but a resource. The objective of this initiative is to create, develop and implement sustainable and competitive solutions using Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) to produce fermentation feedstock or food products while ensuring their societal and environmental benefits. Applied to food production processes, CCU technologies could offer a sustainable route to produce low-impact foods, including baker’s yeast.

Further, Lesaffre’s business unit, Leaf by Lesaffre, focuses on fermentation as a cost-effective solution for replacing molecules of petroleum origin. It is developing renewable ethanol from the conversion of carbon-based raw materials, including sugar cane, sugar beet, corn, wheat, rice or cassava, among others, as well as waste and agricultural residues by the fermentation of yeast.

Please find more information here.