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On the 12th of April, the CO2SMOS, VIVALDI, and CATCO2NVERS held the online webinar “Leading the way in turning CO2 emissions into chemicals”. If you have missed it, the recording is now available on VIVALDI’s YouTube channel.

CATCO2NVERS, CO2SMOS, and VIVALDI are innovative projects that are developing different breakthrough technologies to capture CO2 emissions and turn them into valuable chemicals.

During the webinar, the speakers had the opportunity to present the three projects’ different approaches, as well as to discuss common opportunities and major challenges.

The event was also the opportunity to examine the potential of carbon capture and how its utilisation (CCU) can contribute to mitigating climate change by reducing carbon emissions and creating sustainable products.

CO2 Value Europe is a proud member of the VIVALDI and the CO2SMOS consortia by leading their communication and dissemination activities and contributing within VIVALDI to the development of recommendations for regulatory measures that support the deployment of CCU.

Please find the online webinar here.