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The Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) companies focused on true decarbonisation and permanent CO2 removal could transform the industry as we know it today. As they develop viable business models apart from using the technology for enhanced oil recovery, the industry could start supporting more projects dedicated to permanent storage.

Four out of the ten leading carbon capture technology companies assessed by The Carbon Herald in 2022 are CO2 Value Europe members.  Those are:

  • Climeworks: A Swiss company, providing a solution for tackling historic emissions called direct air capture. Climeworks uses a technology that consists of modular CO2 collectors stacked to build machines of any size. The industrial machine’s fans draw air into the plant, where a highly selective new filter material is known as sorbent binds the CO2 in conjunction with the moisture in the air.


  • LanzaTech: One of the innovative carbon capture companies that focuses on CO2 recycling. It is using a gas fermentation process, in which CO2 is used as food for bacteria that produce fuels and chemicals. Lanza Tech uses captured emissions from the source to make different products.


  • Carbon Clean: A London-based company, founded in 2009 with offices in India, Spain, and the US. The company is offering carbon capture installations for industrial emitters that aim to serve both large and small facilities. In 2021, Carbon Clean launched CycloneCC – a breakthrough combination of two proven technologies – Carbon Clean’s advanced, amine-promoted buffer salt solvent (APBS-CDRMax®) and process technology.


  • Svante is a company founded in 2007 and focused on providing the best possible solution for industrial emitters and unlocking a mass market for bulk carbon dioxide capture installations. Svante is using a second-generation carbon capture technology at half the cost of solvent-based systems.


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