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Fortum, a Finnish state-owned energy company, has been granted EUR 1.5 million in funding from Business Finland to accelerate the development of the Carbon2x concept, a novel way to recycle materials.

The Carbon2x concept, launched by the company in April 2022, aims to capture emissions from waste incineration and turn them into CO2-based, high-quality raw materials. It will help reduce dependence on fossil-based raw materials, improve Europe’s self-sufficiency, and decarbonise waste incineration.

The target of the Business Finland-supported three-year research programme is to evaluate different technologies and processes together with SME partners and research institutes in order to find the most feasible technologies for producing special plastics in the future. At the same time, Fortum foresees piloting different CCU technologies and solutions in its other Waste-to-Energy facilities in the Nordics in preparation for a possible large-scale industrial demo plant that could potentially begin in 2024–2027.

Read Fortum’s full customer news release here.