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Welcome to our New Member Energo Green!

Energo’s mission is to offer innovative solutions to defossilise industrial and agricultural sites and establish a circular economy. Whereas a conventional fossil-based economy is based on major transformation units and heavy logistic constraints, Energo’s solutions is compact and can be implemented close to CO₂ emitters or final product users, reducing the need for product transportation and fostering a circular economy and decentralised production. Based on Chimie ParisTech – PSL research, our new member has developed a technology of plasma catalysis to convert gases into molecules of interest. Their technology will make it possible to defossilise industries and to competitively transform the biogas from farms and CO₂ from industries into biofuels or E-fuels, green hydrogen, or green methane.

Energo’s applications include the development of:

🔵 2 pathways to produce hydrogen that replace its conventional production from natural gas, coal or electrolysis.

🔵 Several pathways to produce syngas and adjust syngas’ quality for SAF production.

🔵 A technological pathway to produce bio-based chemicals, such as methanol, acids, and ketons, to substitute fossil-based chemicals.

Our new member was amongst the winners of the La French Tech 2023 awards which recognises the most promising startups in France. They were also recently awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s label that acknowledges clean and cost-effective solutions. ENERGO recently raised up to 16.5M€ from Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) and Nord France Amorçage to carry on technology development and investment in first industrial units.

Find out more about Energo here.