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We are delighted to participate in the Renewable Materials Conference 2023, which started today in Siegburg, Germany. Over the next two days, our Secretary General, Anastasios Perimenis, will be highlighting the concept of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) at the heart of the event through a dedicated Booth (n. 23).

Following a highly successful second edition in 2022, the Renewable Materials Conference has become one of the world’s most significant gatherings for renewable materials.

Throughout the three-day conference, leading experts from the chemistry sector will present successful “drop-in” solutions that maintain the existing structure of the chemical industry while transitioning from fossil to renewable carbon sources.

As we strive for a sustainable and environmentally conscious society, it is crucial to explore alternative materials that reduce our dependence on finite resources. Renewable materials offer a promising solution, as they can be regenerated or naturally replenished.

Please find more information about the conference, exhibition, and registration here.